Wedding Video Options

Hiya! Your wedding is coming up fast and I am so excited to work with you for some awesome wedding photos! If you haven’t already booked someone to video your special day, did you know that we also offer video services? Video is often a last minute addition for many couples as it is something they didn’t originally budget for but deep in their hearts they know that NOT having video may be something they regret after the wedding. In other words, it’s NOT TOO LATE! Below are some video options for you to consider, just let me know ASAP if you would like to add any of these options.

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Thank you and have a great day!

Thanks for your consideration,

Jonathan Nobach

Option 1: Wedding Day Slideshow (“the DAY”)

We will create a photo slideshow of your wedding photos to tell the ‘story of your day’ and post it to social media etc. Besides a wedding video, there simply is no better way to relive your wedding day than a slideshow.
(Note: we must be hired to do both the photography AND the video for this option)

Option 2:  Documentary Videos

Documentary videos are the full-length, multi-cam edits of your ceremony, grand entrance, first formal dances, cake cutting, garter dance and bouquet toss all in their entirety!

We will setup up at least 2 HD cameras on tripods and record the ceremony and speeches.

One HD camera setup on a tripod will be setup to record the grand entrance, and first dances, cake cutting, garter dance, and bouquet toss in their entirety.

We will also install professional lavaliere microphone on the Priest/Officiant so audio from the Ceremony is clear and crisp.

The client will receive a link to download the 1080P HD digital versions of each portion of the wedding day in .mp4 format.

Option 3: A “Fusion” Video

This is a one of a kind creative video that “fuses” together audio, video & photographs from your wedding day.  With a runtime of ~5 minutes it is sure to bring back many great memories and be a unique keepsake to remember your wedding day.
(Note: we must be hired to do both the photography AND the video for this option)

Option 4:  “Fusion” Video + Documentary Videos

You will receive the same awesome “Fusion” video ​as in option 3, PLUS all the documentary videos from your day as in option 2.  It’s the best of all three worlds…Photo, Video and Audio!
(Note: we must be hired to do both the photography AND the video for this option)

Option 5: Cinematic Feature Film

This truly captivating cinematic feature film will bring you right back to the biggest day of your life each and every time you watch it. It will include the highlights of your wedding day and feature narrative sound bites from your ceremony, toasts and love letters, b-roll clips showing the details of your day, as well as aerial footage to emphasize locations. Your film will show off the love, excitement, and beauty of your wedding and is perfect for sharing online with friends & family.

• (1) Dedicated Cinematographer
• 5-7 minute cinematic highlight film
• Coverage: prep, first look, ceremony, & reception into open Dancing
• No documentary edits included
• Online Digital Delivery via Download Link

Option 6: the “HOLLYWOOD” (Cinematic Feature Film + All Documentary Edits)

$3400 (save $800)
All of the documentary edits from option #2 along with the captivating film from option #5.javascript:;

Option 7: the “HOLLYWOOD++” (Cinematic Feature Film + All Documentary Edits)

Everything from option #6 except you will receive a much longer cinematic film as well as more same day coverage!